The Gardening Book / Dk.

The Gardening Book / Dk.
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    : Dorling Kindersley Ltd.


    :Jane Bull

    Baskı No

    : 1

    Baskı Tarihi

    : Ocak 2003

    Sayfa Sayısı

    : 47

    Baskı Tipi

    : Ciltli


    : İngilizce


    : 9780751364736

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The hottest hobby around is the perfect outdoor activity for kids; the fresh, energetic designs in The Gardening Book will inspire kids to get growing. Learn how to choose plants and give them what they need to grow, use your craft skills to make a scarecrow or funky yet useful flower container and much, much more. Atmospheric photography, helpful cartoon gardening characters, and easy to follow text make The Gardening Book the ideal introduction to the rewarding world of kids' horticulture.


This title offers fun things for children to create thoughout the year whether they live in a city flat or on a farm. It includes sections on basic gardening skills, creative techniques and craft activities.

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