One of a Kind Restaurant Design

One of a Kind Restaurant Design
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Cafés, cabarets, and restaurants have been one of the most common gathering spots for everyone in the social strata - from businesspeople to counter-cultural creatives - for centuries. Today's avant-garde designers and architects are reinventing the genre of restaurant design to take into account environmental sustainability, recycled materials, relation of the restaurant to the historical use of its building, spatial connection to the restaurant's surroundings, and such elements as lighting, furniture, heating, and implementation of the eatery's defined identity. Projects featured in One of a Kind Restaurant Design are impressive examples of cohesive designed dining environments from all around the world, and are paired with detailed floor and seating plans handy for industry professionals. Restaurants profiled include PHOS in Mykonos, Greece; Bamboo in Jakarta, Indonesia; Fabbrica Bergen in Bergen, The Netherlands; Yellow Tree House in Auckland, New Zealand; and the Jamie Oliver Food Truck in the US.

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