Old Hotel New Face

Old Hotel New Face
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    :Orange Yan (Ed)

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    : Mart 2012


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    : 9789881545275

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The renovation work is very similar to when cooking different things fit together, but neither has to kill the taste of the other and only with the sum and the balance between the parties and the ingredients that you gain a new and unique flavor compound. This book selects 35 cases and each case is illustrated through the comparison with images of before and after renewing, exquisite drawings and systematic description. It will be a good reference book for designers who are going to renew an existing structure into a hotel as well as hotel clients who want to get a new hotel.


I have been asked to write an essay about hotel renovation, yet the text you are about to read is more from an architect's testimony and his relationship with the context  in an urban and architectural space built with wood, on stilts, on the shore of an archipelago located in the insular Patagonia in sothern Chile.

Palafittes in Castro have been historically support for insular life, and the highest expression of its culture's identity and singularity. In this contemporary architectural revaluation is that inserted an architectural renovation that transforms a precarious pile dwelling into a sophisticated and pertinent Boutique Hotel.



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