Mountain Resorts

Mountain Resorts
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When planning and building Mountain Resorts full consideration needs to be given to protect the natural landscape and the ecological environment. This book looks in detail at the different approaches required in terms of site selection, general layout and design, landscape planning as well as the Architectural and Interior features of resorts by using detailed case studies focusing on a specific aspect. 25 case studies are included highlighting their unique design styles in full colour with diagrams.


A mountain resort is located in a picturesque zone where the ecology is sensitive, which needs scientific planning and design. It needs to take full advantage of the surrounding typology and environment, and combine with the designer’s unique design style and method to create harmony among landscape, architecture and interior space, build a quiet and comfortable mountain environment, and construct a light-hearted sanctuary for vacation and relaxation. The book illustrates the planning and design of mountain resorts from five aspects: site selection, layout design, landscape, architecture and interior design. It selects 25 typical mountain resorts, presenting their unique design styles and attractive features through beautiful pictures and detailed statements.

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