Hotel / Space Series 2

Hotel / Space Series 2
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    :George Lam

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    : Haziran 2012


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    : 9789881887429

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This book features 37 international hotels from 21 designers. Theatre Hotel in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Oporto, Mexico, which pays homage to the world of theatre. The main entrance features a poem by Almeida Garrett, an iconic figure from the Portuguese Romantic era. There are numerous other details that never let you forget, even for a second, of your location. Warm golds and bronzes predominate. In the reception, there's a sofa carrying footage from Felipe Le Feria's shows. This love for the arts is extended to the guest rooms. In the guest bathroom, one can find old bathtubs standing on bronze feet and chariots strewn with theatre costumes. Now, that's unexpected! The Canyon Ranch Miami Beach has combined spa with tasteful hotel surroundings and facilities. The sea and sand are sources of inspiration so it's no surprise to find terrazzo floors with seashell inlays and a coral wall. The focus is on a healthy lifestyle and guests are encouraged to explore the many choices available.

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