Glamorous Restaurants

Glamorous Restaurants
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Book is a collection of 40 foreign restaurant projects. The designers create a novel and natural atmosphere through the all-new adjustment of space, color, lighting, and materials. The simple but ingenious elements explanation on food culture in the examples is a kind of creative direction, an experience to convey for the domestic designers.


I have engaged in various types of commercial design, but right now I mainly design eating and drinking establishments. Of course, goes without saying, that when you design an eating and drinking establishment, it is important to "make  the business prosper". So after listening to the client's business ideas and concepts, we have a discussion and talk about his knowledge or ignorance of eating and  drinking establishments, the size and location of a shop and the abilities of the staff, and of course I inspect a site and do research on nearby eating and drinking establisments. If neccesary, I even crawl into the space above the celling. Sometimes I must give advice on the need  to look for  a new location or to change the business model, and if I think a restaurant will have a tough time succeeding, I even sometimes turn down a job, I follow up on many factors I'm worried about with regard to the ability of an eating or drinking establishment to open, but once those are cleared, I have to start work.


It's important for an eating and drinking establishment to find an overall balance of cooking, alcohol, customer service comfort, and the interior design is a stagehand supporting the players providing that balance. But I'm not satisfied even if all this sorted out without incident. Even while continuing to respect the client's request. I propose a "poison design"  that outdoes them. If I get a request to design multiple locations. If the client won't agree to give each location its own distinct design, I won't take the job. That's because I believe in the survival-of-the fittest business world, strong individual differentiation is important. In the keeping with the idea of  "cost performance," we must prioritize "design performance". Of course it is because of offers from clients that designers came into existance and have value. But to me, a client is a partner in a job. To advance a job, it is important for  the designer and the client to tell each other all their thoughts and feelings and to discuss them thoroughly. If consensus isn't reached , the ideal design will not come about. If you liken a commercial building to an animal, the design is the feed. The way you feed this "animal" has a great effect on whether it grows up healthy amid changing fashions?

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