Fashion Branding / Monsa

Fashion Branding / Monsa
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    : MONSA


    :Josep Maria Minguet ( Ed. )

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    : 1

    Baskı Tarihi

    : Aralık 2010

    Sayfa Sayısı

    : 192

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    : Karton


    : İngilizce, İspanyolca


    : 9788496823501

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It is very interesting to see how graphic design and fashion relate. How one depends on the other and how they complement each other perfectly. This book contains a selection of brand and branding work, providing an insight into graphic design’s contribution to the fashion world. It demonstrates how the sectors harmoniously unite to create a brand and fashion image.Fashion and design are inextricably linked: they depend upon one-another for inspiration and innovation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of fashion and fashion brands. This magnificently illustrated volume brings together some of the finest examples of brand and branding in the fashion industry to provide readers with insights into how design and fashion can combine to create consumer awareness and a lasting impact.

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