Dream Rooms / Inspirational Interiors

Dream Rooms / Inspirational Interiors
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    :Andreas Von Einsiede

    Baskı No

    : 1

    Baskı Tarihi

    : Haziran 2010

    Sayfa Sayısı

    : 352

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    : Ciltli


    : İngilizce


    : 9781858945125

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The book is a square ten inches approximately and a mix of 10 X 10 pictures of rooms and then some pages where 4 images fit on one page so a lot of rooms are included in the book. Quantity and quality images are combined. This book should be great for those of us who are looking for design ideas for our own homes and designers who are looking for fresh inspiration. The styles featured in this book tend to be classic, eclectic, some modern and a wonderful mix of formal and relaxed so the rooms and this book shouldn't get dated quickly. It's a good resource of well-designed rooms in beautiful buildings. I love the room on the cover of this book;the quality of it is typical of what you'll find inside.

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