Colors For Fashion

Colors For Fashion
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    :Nancy Riegelman

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    : Eylül 2013


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    : 9780970246363

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Colors for Fashion is written for all those who love to draw, love drawing and love fashion and are interested in developing advanced fashion drawing skills.It is a complete course in how to draw fashion to an advanced level, in color, designed for use in college courses or as a self-teaching manual. It is the second part of  a complete course in drawing fashion, following on from 9 Heads-a guide to drawing fashion by Nancy Riegelman and covers all aspects of fashion drawing from an intermediate through to an advanced level.


The drawing medium used in Colors for Fashion is colored markers, now universally accepted as the best medium for drawing fashion, being quick, convenient, easy-to-use/learn and quite economical compared to more traditional artistic media. All the techniques for mastering the use  of colored markers are shown in detail, along with extensive information on how to make selections of markers, the small amount of other equipment and materials required for working with markers, and how to use markersin combination with other artistic media, such as colored pencils and gel pens, to achieve powerful graphics effects.

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