Club Bar Design

Club Bar Design
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Global economic turmoil has made business enterprises operate on right or reduced budgets. To the majority of the working class, the new business philosopy of "doing more with less" means added workload, overtime, and pressure. It leads to a growing demand for pressure reduction activities. People choose to go to the gym, hike, or jog over the weekends, or just relax in a tranquil or suburban environment. The best place to find an amiable haven after work, however, is the club or lounge where people can enjoy a drink, chat on the talk of town, or simply find companionship with friends and acquaintances.


Club and Bar is a parade of the most upbeat designs of clubs, lounges, and bars. Projects selected are located in some of the most affluent cosmopolitan cities in Asia, America and Europe where a magnitude of options for elite facilities are offered. You can find a venue that features stages for live rock music and dance floors, a site that offers a dining room, full service bar and modern art fixtures, down to a sites collected in this publication all carry their unique personalities, signature expressions and phenomenal charm. These characteristics are neatly woven in the interior designs dexterously  delivered by proffesional designers.

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