101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants / Braun

101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants / Braun
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The hotel lobby as reception area and gathering place is one of the most important and prestigious areas of a hotel. Initial contact with guests is made in this public space and it plays a major role in determining whether they will feel at home during their stay. In the same way as a restaurant or bar, the lobby serves a double function - it offers relaxation and communication.


This volume uses selected international projects by Corinna Krestchmar - Joehnk and Peter Joehnk to present a wide spectrum of different ways to design these key areas of a hotel. The various design concepts from these two renowned experts create authentic locations with their own, distinctive character. Whether it's a venerable grand hotel, a trendy budget resort or a luxury boutique hotel - the right ambiance is created each and every time.

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