100xn Architectural Shape And Skin 3 Cilt Takım

100xn Architectural Shape And Skin 3 Cilt Takım
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    : İngilizce, Almanca, Fransızca, Flemenkçe


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Architecture is a kind of spatial art, which uses all kinds of methods rich architectural modeling in limited space, and endows the building with unique vision and feeling, to show the artistic charm, in broad terms, architectural modeling includes functional, economic, technical and aesthetic perfection; As far as the narrow, architectural modeling is a form tp construct the building external beauty.


From the perspective of artistic creation, the diversity of the art creation road rich modern architectural modeling form; The progress of science and technology, emergings of new material, use of computer digital construction technology. All of these make the architects imagination and creativity achieved unprecedented  sublimation, and greatly promoted the development of contemporary architectural modeling design.


From the aesthetic point of view, regardless of the ancient and modern, the recognized top grade building must be technical outstanding works. Construction technology and art is as inseparable unified whole, which utilizied structure  technology to realize the art performance of building modeling clearly, and got the best explanation through the two buildings: Arab Marina + Beach Towers and New York Williamsburg Hotel, the special modeling formed by the exposed structures after artistic treatment have a strong visual impact and infection.


The most difficult problem in architechtural modeling is modeling technique, that is, the overall construction design and part or detail precessing form techniques, while the most important way in the part of detail processing is the skin treatment. The relationship between skin and modeling is an eternal topic in architectural design. Under the impact of new age philosophy and technology, a large number of different apperance and function of the skin, such as the utilize of ecological skin, digital skin and so on make the architectural modeling more colorful; In turn, all kinds of style refine the skin design, strengthen the impact that skin design do for architectural modeling.


The typical significanceof modern architectural innovations is that architects can be out of the shackles of traditional architectural form, so that designers can boldly create new buildings adapted to industrialized societies, and make the building shape both in rationalism and radicalism color. The development of society and the progress of science and technology got unprecedented centralized reflect through the contemporary architectural modeling and skin. From Rock museum in Denmark to Singapore National Heart Centre, from CrystalClear Towers Oslo to France Rossignal Global Headquarters, These buildings with different shapes and functions but have a common characteristic; The design link the modeling and skin subtly, and keep delicate balance between the building and environment. They symbolize the qualitative leap on the architecture in the new century.


Building modeling and construction epidermis are closely related, the relationship between them is an eternal topic in the building field, is never-ending search. On that account, we selected 100 cases from the latest new buildings around the world carefully and Edited in book form, hope to provide some reference and appreciates for designers, builders and readers who loved building so much, If you can get a point revelation, that is our great joy.

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