1000 Living Details

1000 Living Details
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    : Ekim 2016


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A complete illustrated guide with inspiring ideas to improve home decoration. This book does not cover decorative styles or trends; neither is it a catalogue of products and furniture. The objective here is to present 1000 ideas to organize and plan your house so that you feel right at home in it. The topics have more to do with the organization of spaces, with the differences between natural and artificial lighting or real options in terms of sustainability and ecology. Whether you want to start from scratch or to change your current home, this book provides ideas for a better organized home. The 1000 details include advice, examples and definitions of concept. This book is ultimately a collection of 1000 small fragments of information, a thought-provoking tool which is essential for the home-owner to make the right decisions. Organization of spaces; Connections; Furniture and small spaces; Ceilings and roofs; Doors and windows; Outdoor spaces; Colour in the definition of spaces; Lighting; Renovations; Savings in natural resources; Ecomaterials; Water; New technologies.

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